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Day 2 Photo Challenge

2. Heart

I had my 3-year-old make a heart with her hands. My daughters are my entire world. I made a lot of mistakes with my 10-year-old. I live with that regret on a daily basis. In turn, I try to “make up” for it with my youngest. It’s a constant battle between being an awesome mom in my kids eyes and being real with myself. No matter where life takes me, my heart will always be in my¬†girls hands.

BJS & BAJ, I love you to the moon and back. Always.


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Day 1 Photo Challenge

  1. Something You Love

I struggle with self-love. I have always had self-esteem issues growing up and put myself behind everyone else – even strangers. I have this deep-rooted¬†fear of disappointing those around me. I decided to do this challenge in order to help take a good look at myself and realize the good in me. So often, I shame myself for my mistakes but the reality is that I’m doing the best I can at this moment in my life.