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Wow – where to begin!

Jazlyn is way more behind than I thought she was and it makes me sad. She is only reading at a beginning 1st grade level. Not sure where she is in Math yet. I did buy her a 1st grade workbook to work on with her. She is going to our babysitter until school starts and then I’m going to try to get her in the after school program.

Yesterday, Josh and I cleaned the living room and hallway. Tonight, I’m going to work on getting the girls room finished up and their bathroom. The clutter is driving me crazy. I feel bad for getting upset with Josh but it’s a task I can’t do alone and I really need his support and help getting the house cleaned up.

School is going great. Hoping to pass this class with flying colors. 🙂

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07.08.15 – 07.13.15


17 people cut up their credit cards in Financial Peace University tonight.


Went to see Minions at the Harvest Moon Drive-In with dad, Britney and Bethney.


Got new glasses and contacts.


Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with Josh. Went to the bookstore to get a few books and Josh bought them for my birthday. 🙂


Picked up Jazlyn today. I’m taking guardianship over her for a few months and getting her enrolled in school.

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07.06.15 – 07.07.15

Monday was a good day returning to work. Got a bit done and returned most of the calls I needed. Then I went home and had a lazy night other than doing laundry.

Tuesday was a busy day. After work I went to do Yoga. We had the regular instructor back and I personally don’t like her. It’s too slow and doesn’t push my body enough.

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Josh and I returned the van this morning. Then I went to Joella’s baby shower for the twins/Braxton’s 1st birthday party. I had a great time having all my brothers, sisters, niece and nephew together! The kids had fun and Uncle Nathan let them get soaking wet in the mud. On my way home, I picked up some cookies for Josh. After I dropped Britney off, I went back home to Josh. He asked me to go do something with him. We went shopping for adult food. Haha! Yes, adult food because we can eat delicious food when the kids are gone. We went home and cooked and had a good night just hanging out together.

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Vacation 2015, Day 6

Today was a very eventful day. We got up and went swimming – well, we attempted to anyways. Britney got stung on her wrist and heel by a jelly fish. I took her upstairs for a shower and ice. No sooner did we sit down to relax and Josh text me. There was a shark. I had been suspicious earlier because normally there is only one beach patrol helicopter but today there was two of them. Everyone got out safely. Josh and I took the kids to Waffle House for a very late lunch and then to the souvenir shop. Then we dropped Chloe and Jacob off with their mother. Britney and I went to Adventure Island to play a game of miniature golf. There was a snake on the course! It was a crazy day for animals!! We went back to the souvenir shop and got some shirts. Britney got a Sand Dollar decorated with her name. We went to Bubba’s for dinner. Now, we are getting everything cleaned up and packed before we leave in the morning. 

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Vacation 2015, Day 5

We went to the beach even though the surf was really bad. I was trying to get Bethney back to shore and got knocked over by the waves. Skinned my knees really bad. We made lunch around 3pm or so – Shells N Cheese with Turkey. ☺️ We went back out and stayed out until late – almost 10pm. I made pancakes and they all ate really good!! I got my planner all caught up. I’m always a day late posting because the Internet is still out and we are using someone else’s wifi. 😔

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LWSL Secret #2 Challenge

Challenge: Choose Contentment

Family and enjoying life are two of the most importantly things to me. I want to be a kind, generous person and if I were to be gone tomorrow, that’s how I want people to remember me. The people that I eve have money and I find myself wishing I had their life but then I remember that most likely, they have a lot of debt and my goal is to become debt free. When I start to feel like I “need” something, I remember that it’s just stuff and I don’t actually need it. I’m trying to purge my life from nonessential things and one nice benefit is getting more organized.

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Vacation 2015, Day 4

We went to the beach yesterday. Saw a Jelly Fish (dead I think), some long bluish silver straw-looking fish, and some white fish. The surf was pretty heavy. Josh and I got burnt pretty good. Now if only my legs would burn so I can tan a little. We took the kids to The Wharf last night. They got to see some yachts and we watched the Palm Tree Light Show. We ate at Bimini Bobs and then had dessert at Dippin Dots.

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Living Well, Spending Less: Secret #1 Challenge

Challenge: Define Your Good Life

I went to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in 2012. At the time, I was pregnant with Bethney. She was actually born on Thursday night before our last class on Monday. I learned a lot and changed some of my habits but then got off track. I need to get back on track with my budgeting and my weight loss. Budgeting is slowly getting better but the weight loss is not going very well. I’m constantly hungry, eat too much, and make very poor food choices. Another problem I have is contentment with life in my relationships – family, friends, etc. I have high expectations but feel constantly disappointed. I need to lower my expectations and just enjoy the time I get with each person.

I highly encourage the book Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup. She also has a book called 31 Days to a Clutter-Free Life. That will be my next project.